Check-6 Bakti Marking Its Feat in the Country

pic-4Kuala Lumpur – Deriving its name from the military aviators’ call for support, Check-6 stands tall as one of the famed global performance-improvement consultancy firms. It has been operating in Malaysia for more than 5 years under Check-6 Bakti Sdn Bhd, delivering successful projects for noted Oil and Gas companies such as Petronas, Murphy and ExxonMobil, among others. In fact, Check-6 Bakti has been given the mandate by Petronas to deliver its’ services beyond the home front to Gabon (Central Africa), Turkmenistan (Central Asia), Mexico, Myanmar, Brunei and others, which marks a huge feat for a local company. Indeed, Check-6 is now also diversifying globally into other sectors such as medical, manufacturing and construction.


Although Check-6 is a global company, Check-6 Bakti is the only company in the renowned organisation which is given the privilege to run its own operations. Check-6 Bakti is fully-operated by Malaysians, headed by Colonel Kamarul Baharin bin Mohd Yaacob (Retired) – with the callsign “Spec” – who is the Managing Director, Global Business Manager and Country Manager.

Aiming to improve human performance and reduce occupational hazards in these various organisations, this mission is carried out by Check-6’s competent and capable Performance Coaches through utilising effective and valuable Military Planning Process and Crew Resource Management, which are used for combat operations. These are then converted and modified, and made known as Performance Excellence ® (PE) to suit other High-reliability and High-performance organisations, notably in Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Health Care (Medical), Logistics and others.


What sets Check-6 apart is that the Performance Coaches are personally onsite with the teams from these organisations, working with them through meetings, workshops and one-to-one coaching. These Coaches consist of former Senior Military Leaders with 30 to 40 years of vast and impressive experience in combat environment, including Special Operations, Army, Navy and Air Force.

While most consultant firms work by having the organisations adapt to their program, Check-6 adapts to the unique corporate culture and operational flow of these organisations instead.

“We apply and modify the Military Hearts and Minds Operations (Operasi / Projek Jiwa Murni) approach to obtain support and commitment through emotional and intellectual appeals, without resorting to any superior force or intimidation,” said Spec when met at the Check-6 Bakti Aidilfitri Open House at Binjai 8 Sky Lounge yesterday.


Recognising the importance of winning over humans’ emotive / emotional (‘hearts’) and cognitive / intellectual (‘minds’), Spec added that “Check-6 always encourages the personnel to take up responsibility and ownership, learning to work and co-operate as a team to continuously enhance their operational efficiency and overall performance.”

Check-6 Bakti had set its foot at the heart of the country with the Office Grand Opening Ceremony, which was officiated yesterday by David Hazell, Senior Vice President of Check-6 Inc, along with the Check-6 Inc Management Team from the United States of America and United Kingdom, joined by the Check-6 Bakti Board of Directors.


Right after the Opening Ceremony, invited guests consisted of the key players of Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Health Care
(Medical), Logistics and other industries were treated with a spread of traditional Hari Raya delights at the Check-6 Bakti Aidilfitri Open House at Binjai 8, Sky Lounge.

Check-6 is looking forward to continuously provide the best in consulting services for organisations, in order to enhance human performance and corporate efficiency and profitability.

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