Adnoc, Proman to build UAE’s first methanol plant in Ruwais

Adnoc, Proman to build UAE’s first methanol plant in Ruwais

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has signed an agreement with Swiss company Proman, one of the world’s leading producers of methanol, to build a methanol facility within a manufacturing zone located in the UAE’s downstream hub in Ruwais. It will be UAE’s first world-scale methanol production facility at the Ta’ziz Industrial Chemicals Zone in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Chemicals Derivatives Company, also called Ta’ziz — a joint venture between Adnoc and holding company ADQ — will build the methanol facility with Proman. The plant is expected to have a capacity to produce up to 1.8 million tonnes/year of methanol.

The project is likely to be completed before end-2025, according to Adnoc. The development of the new methanol plant is subject to pending regulatory approvals, the company said in a statement.

The scheme is set to meet “growing domestic and international demand” for methanol as a “a lower-emission fuel”, Adnoc said.

Methanol finds a number of uses in industrial applications, including manufacturing of fuels, adhesives and pharmaceuticals.

The Ta’ziz manufacturing hub includes three zones focusing on the development of chemicals, downstream conversion, and industrial services.

Adnoc is also building a 1,000 kilotonne/year blue ammonia facility in the Ta’ziz hub. Fertiglobe is an Adnoc JV with Netherlands-listed chemicals company OCI, and South Korea’s GS Energy and Japan’s Mitsui are partners in developing low-carbon ammonia.

India’s Reliance Industries has also signed an agreement worth US$2 billion to develop chemical compounds, such as ethylene dichloride, chlor-alkali, and polyvinylchloride in Ruwais.