A “horse” converts food waste into energy

A Horse, or High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical Output, is a portable machine eats food scraps and makes energy and plant food using microbes with zero waste. The Horse applies anaerobic digestion to convert waste to energy.

The Horse is created by the company Impact 25 Series Bioenergy Systems. The machine is available through their website and their ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

“We consider the handling of all organic materials from a resource-based perspective, rather than a disposal perspective. We use life cycle thinking to reduce waste, lower energy consumption, reduce traffic intensity and transport, and retain employment and the dollars associated with commercial transactions inside each community.” the company said.

The Horse can consume 25 tons per year of food scraps, beverages, fat, and paper products. It can create 5,400 gallons per year of liquid fertilizer + up to 37 MW-hrs of raw energy. As renewable gas that’s 125 Million BTU per year (4.3 MW-hrs of this energy is electrical output). The system also has accessory valves for BBQ grills, fire pits, lights, and ovens.

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