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Chemetry and Braskem to build EDC demo plant

Chemetry and Braskem to build EDC demo plant

Chemetry, a technology innovation company dedicated to the development of environmentally sustainable chemical processes, and Brazilian plastics producer Braskem will construct and operate a demonstration plant using Chemetry’s eShuttle technology for the production of ethylene dichloride (EDC) in Brazil.

The eShuttle EDC Process uses a unique metal halide ion process to produce high purity EDC, a commodity chemical used primarily for PVC production, without the generation of chlorine gas. The process significantly reduces electrical power consumption and production costs compared to the latest generation chlor-alkali processes. The eShuttle technology has been pioneered in Chemetry’s laboratories and fully integrated pilot plant in Moss Landing, California.

The technology uses the same feedstocks and produces the same products (EDC, caustic and hydrogen) as conventional processes, making it ideal for both greenfield projects and retrofits of existing chloralkali/EDC plants. It also offers EDC producers the ability to expand production within the same cell room footprint and power requirements.

The agreement leverages Chemetry’s expertise in electrolyser design and halide chemistry with Braskem’s long term strength in chlor-alkali and vinyls plant operation and product marketing.

The initial focus of this agreement will be the construction of a demonstration unit to be installed at Braskem’s Chlor-alkali MaceiĆ³ site, Alagoas State, Brazil.

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Dr. Ryan Gilliam, Chemetry CEO, said: “Chemetry is focused on redefining how chemicals are made. Through our eShuttle platform, Chemetry is able to provide a safer and more environmentally friendly approach to the production of commodity chemicals while at the same time improving margins. Through this collaboration with Braskem, along with our engineering scale-up partnership with TechnipFMC, we will validate the commercial viability of the eShuttle technology. This will well position the company and technology to meet the growing need for new EDC capacity.”

Isabel Figueiredo, Braskem VP and Vinyls and Specialties Business Unit Leader, added: “Braskem is pursuing growth and diversification globally. We share the belief that Innovation is a key concept to lead our initiatives towards competitiveness and sustainability throughout our various product chains. Our expectations are that eShuttle will play an important role in Braskem’s Innovation strategy.”

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