Drillinginfo launches new oil & gas production index

AUSTIN – Drillinginfo, Inc., the leading SaaS and data analytics company for energy exploration decision support, today launched the Drillinginfo Index, the industry’s leading indicator of new onshore U.S. oil and gas production trends.

The Drillinginfo Index is released several months before production data becomes available through public sources. Far beyond a simple rig count, The Drillinginfo Index uses actual drilling locations along with permit and production data to track industry activity.

“In this dynamic and often volatile environment, these highly accurate insights into U.S. production are critical for decision-makers to better understand the market months in advance of state reporting agencies,” said Allen L. Gilmer, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Drillinginfo. “This Index provides a holistic view of the health of the industry, and is intended to quickly give the markets indication of how the collective actions of U.S. producers are impacting future production.”

By utilizing its proprietary rigs, permits, and production datasets, Drillinginfo is able to uncover trends in well activity, identify newly drilled wells, and estimate their peak production to closely predict changes in new production capacity at the national, county, and operator level.

“The challenges faced by policymakers, academia and practitioners in examining today’s energy industry highlights a need for data that is more accurate and available in as close to real time as possible,” said Kenneth B. Medlock, fellow in energy and resource economics at Rice University’s Baker Institute. “The Drillinginfo Index is a welcome tool that will aid in better navigating current market conditions to the benefit of the entire industry and other stakeholders.”

Drillinginfo unveiled the Index this morning in Houston at an exclusive event that brought together key decision makers and thought leaders in the oil & gas industry for a panel discussion on the present state of the industry and future outlook on production.

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