Gulfstar President: oil and gas are collapsing the US economy

Founder and President of Gulfstar Corporation, Mark F. Butler, believes there is really no oil shortage.

Petroleum, which is the life blood of many economies, continues to raise havoc with depressed pricing, and those who have been out selling oil and gas deals may not be answering their phones at the present time. The US is also sending too much manufacturing to China, and in turn they devalue their currency. Along with 17 trillion dollars of our debt, Butler believes the US may have a problem.

“However, there is a silver lining for those part of or investing in a transportation company,” says Butler. “This is an amazing time of prosperity and unexpected windfall. The profit margins must be very exciting to the management of these companies, and I believe these managers will seize this opportunity and pay down debt and investor obligations, strengthening the already impressive balance sheets. Maybe later in the year someone with astute mathematical clairvoyance could secure the company’s future by hedging their oil requirements, taking advantage of the current depressed pricing. A major U.S. airline did just that years ago and in turn enjoyed phenomenal prosperity for many years.”

“Now the dark cloud,” continues Butler. “If you are in the oil and gas business there are currently many challenges, unless your firm is adequately capitalized for the long term and even that may not be enough. For example, if your cost to produce is US$63 and the market price is US$42, it is just a matter of time for the end to come as an industry wiping out billions of dollars in capital.”

Mark F. Butler is the founder and president of Gulfstar Corporation in Cheyenne, WY. This company was organized as an oil and gas investment firm in June of 2007. Butler has 32 years experience in the securities industry as a stockbroker, and later a financial advisor.

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