Honda’s Power Exporter 9000 lets your car charge your house

Honda’s Power Exporter 9000 will allow your electric car to charge your house in case of power outages. The Power Exporter 9000 is an external power feeding device that enables AC power output from a fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) with maximum output of 9 kW. That’s more than enough to power a house.


Honda launched the device in CEATEC Japan held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from October 7 to 10.

Aside from Power Exporter 9000, Honda introduced its lineup of energy management technologies which contribute to the realization of a society where people will “generate” and “use” energy and “get connected” for energy. The exhibit also included the Honda FCV CONCEPT, a concept car for Honda’s all-new FCV.

Prices are not out yet, but the Exporter 9000 and the new fuel cell car will be out next year.


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