HyAxiom, Doosan to accelerate South Australia’s green hydrogen

HyAxiom, Doosan to accelerate South Australia’s green hydrogen

Fuel cell and hydrogen solutions provider HyAxiom has tied up with South Korea’s Doosan Fuel Cell Co. (DFCC) and the South Australian government to accelerate the green hydrogen industry.

Through the contemplated cooperation, HyAxiom, DFCC and the South Australia government intend to exchange equipment and expertise to produce eco-friendly hydrogen and derivatives, to establish strategies and partnerships to secure global competitiveness in hydrogen exports, to secure research partnerships and projects to accelerate future decarbonisation, and to develop Australian markets by building infrastructure for green hydrogen supply and utilisation.

The state’s leadership in renewable energy is creating a generational shift by using hydrogen to transform not just the energy sector but the economic future of South Australia. In order to establish itself as a global eco-friendly leader, the South Australian government recently announced ambitious plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy, which is currently about 68% of total electricity production, to 100% by 2030, and is actively pushing for legislation to expand required infrastructure.

As part of that effort, the South Australian government plans to build a combined plant where 250MW electrolysers, 200MW hydrogen power plants and fuel cells, and associated hydrogen storage facilities are co-located.

HyAxiom develops, manufactures and services PureCell, a proprietary phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC). Building upon its expertise in fuel cell technology, HyAxiom is also developing next-generation clean hydrogen production technologies and additional clean fuel cell solutions for stationary and mobility applications.

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