Invista to start up ADN plant in China by 2023

US-based integrated producer of chemical intermediates Invista has begun work to bring its latest adiponitrile (ADN) technology to China to satisfy the strong, local demand for the nylon 6,6 intermediate chemical. Engineering for a minimum 300,000-tonne plant is underway at an estimated investment in excess of US$1 billion. Construction is targeted for 2020 and production would begin in 2023.

Over the past five years, the fir, has invested more than US$600 million in China to support the nylon market, including a 215,000-tonne hexamethylenediamine (HMD) plant and a 150,000-tonne polymer plant, at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP). It has also created multiple-generation improvements to the technology over the decades, recently setting production records with the deployment of its latest technology in the US.

Kyle Redinger, Vice-President of Invista Intermediates, Asia Pacific, will lead a newly created role dedicated to meeting China’s long-term needs for ADN through capital investments, asset development and commercial arrangements.

“Given China’s strong demand for ADN and its commitment to advanced, energy-efficient technologies, Invista’s butadiene-based ADN is the best choice for capital investment in the region,” said Redinger. “Invista supplies more of the merchant market than any other ADN producer, so we want to ensure those customers have the best technology available. The last world-scale plant was constructed more than 35 years ago, so this is a special time for the industry, and I am extremely proud to lead Invista’s efforts to deliver this new facility.”

Invista says it has been meeting with customers and industry participants to develop a collaborative strategy focused on meeting China’s local needs for ADN, which is used to make nylon polymer, fibres and other specialty materials such as HDI for coatings.

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