McDermott to provide Lummus olefins tech in Thailand

Engineering firm McDermott International has been awarded a sizeable technology contract (of between US$1 to US$50 million) for Map Ta Phut Olefins Co., Ltd.’s (MOC) petrochemical plant in Rayong Province, Thailand. MOC is a joint venture company of SCG Chemicals Company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCG, and Dow Chemical.

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UF firm McDermott will provide the basic engineering and license of Lummus’ olefins technology and will design and supply the proprietary SRT III heater for the MOC debottleneck project, a parallel gas cracker added to increase plant capacity which will utilise Lummus’ side cracker technology, including a low pressure chilling train and enhanced binary refrigeration.

“We have worked with Map Ta Phut Olefins since their first project in 2005,” said Daniel M. McCarthy, Executive Vice President of McDermott’s Lummus Technology business. “This additional capacity will be realised by using our unique side cracker technology, which permits the cost effective expansion of a liquid feed plant that has already reached its maximum capacity using conventional technology.”

McDermott’s Lummus Technology is a licensor of proprietary petrochemicals, refining, gasification and gas processing technologies, and a supplier of proprietary catalysts and related engineering. With a heritage spanning more than 100 years, encompassing approximately 3,100 patents and patent applications, Lummus Technology is said to provide one of the industry’s most diversified technology portfolios to the hydrocarbon processing sector.