Nouryon to increase colloidal silica production capacity in the US

Nouryon to increase colloidal silica production capacity in the US

Speciality chemicals firm Nouryon plans to expand production capacity at its Levasil colloidal silica manufacturing facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, US, to meet increasing demand from the construction and packaging end-markets. Construction of the facility expansion in Green Bay, Wisconsin is planned to be finalised in the second half of 2022.

“The capacity expansion at our manufacturing facility in Green Bay is driven by growing demand for Levasil colloidal silica products in North America,” said Patrick Wilhelm, Vice President of Inorganic Specialties at Nouryon. “We are pleased to support our customers’ growth, which is fueled by large governmental infrastructure projects as well as increasing demand in packaging materials driven by e-commerce.”

Nouryon’s Levasil colloidal silica products are very versatile and support several end-markets. A product of two natural ingredients – sand and water – Levasil colloidal silica enhances and improves key functionalities and sustainability profiles of other products and manufacturing processes. In Construction applications, Levasil products provide durability to structures such as bridges and buildings. Levasil products are also used to create anti-slip surfaces in Packaging applications – making stacking and handling of finished products easier and more efficient.

“By investing in our global network of Levasil colloidal silica manufacturing facilities, we are further strengthening our manufacturing footprint to grow with our sustainable solutions and enhancing our ability to supply our Construction and Packaging customers in the U.S. and around the world,” said Johan Landfors, Executive Vice President and President Technology Solutions and Europe at Nouryon.

Nouryon is a leading producer of high-performance silica worldwide and has more than 60 years of expertise in manufacturing Levasil colloidal silica. Nouryon has eight Levasil production facilities around the world, with expansions ongoing in Sweden and Taiwan.

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