PAS inBound selected by BP for Boundary Management

PAS, Inc., the leading solution provider of process safety, cyber security, and asset reliability in the energy, power, and process industries, today announced a new multi-year contract with BP Downstream. BP will use PAS inBound to help manage critical operational limits in their refineries and petrochemicals assets.

PAS inBound captures, visualizes, analyses, and alerts operators on boundary data within plant operations. Boundary data includes process alarms, safety instrumented and environmental trip points, mechanical design limits, normal operating zones, and safe operating envelopes. Analytics provide a scorecard on adherence to limits as well as detailed and trend information that drive decision-making. InBound also integrates into a plant’s alert system to drive critical operator actions when appropriate.  With PAS Inbound, companies can:

  • Instantly determine whether a plant is operating within safe operating limits,
  • View safe operating limits in context of existing control system graphic displays, and
  • Research boundary compliance identifying areas of plant safety improvement.

PAS provides inBound to companies with operations in power, oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, and other process industries. It is a part of PAS’ PlantState Suite of products deployed at over 600 sites worldwide focused on improving plant safety and reliability.

“BP is an oil and gas leader, and we are honored that they’ve chosen to expand their use of PAS alarm management products with inBound,” says Mark Carrigan, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at PAS. “Automating boundary management within a plant is considered an industry best practice today. BP joins other PAS customers who utilize these advanced methods of plant safety controls.”