Saudi Arabia’s atomic energy program vital for Vision 2030, Al-Falih says

Saudi Arabia’s National Atomic Energy Program is a necessary and strong pillar to achieve the country’s Vision 2030 blueprint, according to Khalid Al-Falih, Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister and chairman of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE).

The program aims to diversify energy sources and desalinate seawater, he said, stressing Saudi respect for relevant international agreements and treaties.

Components of the program are the result of extensive work carried out by KACARE over the past seven years, he added.

Al-Falih commended efforts by the KACARE team, headed by the city’s President Hashem bin Abdullah Yamani.

Among the most important elements of the program is developing national competency in uranium exploration, extraction and treatment, as well as operation, maintenance and development of atomic energy facilities, Al-Falih said.