Shepherd to expand European ops

US-based lubricant additives firm Shepherd Chemical is investing US$8.5 million to expand its Mirecourt, France European operation. The projected growth path at the Mirecourt location includes the addition of a third reactor, a new warehouse, and upgraded R&D pilot facilities.

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Combined with recent investments in Shepherd’s Norwood, Ohio operations, Shepherd’s latest global investment represents an ongoing commitment to:

  • Grow with customers all over the world, specifically in the areas of high performance lubricant additives, chemical-manufacturing catalysts for enhanced process efficiencies, rubber adhesion promoters for radial tyre safety, and refinery desulfurization catalysts for cleaner fuels.
  • Customize co-development capabilities for synthesis, scale-up and manufacturing of specialty metal chemistries with partners.
  • Sustainability by making continuous improvements to further reduce the environmental footprint and promote worker safety.

Shepherd acquired the Mirecourt site in 1994 as part of a global expansion in cobalt-based rubber adhesion promoters. Over the last 25 years, the Mirecourt product line has diversified across industries and gained customers with an enhanced focus and expertise on metal chemistry innovation. The location has also managed to grow manufacturing volumes over 500%.

The Mirecourt, France location is expected to begin production in the new reactor in late 2019, which has the potential to double Mirecourt’s current capacity.

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