Solar panel system can stand super typhoons

Big Sun Group, a Taiwanese solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer, produced a solar panel system that withstood a super typhoon that landed on Taiwan.

The Big Sun iPV Solar Tracker has a parachute-like (cable-driven) structure enables strong wind resistance. After a super typhoon lashed Taiwan, the structure of iPV Solar Tracker was not broken. If the system only had a single pier which was similar to an umbrella, it would be easy to blow away like other PV mounting systems. The patent design of iPV Solar Tracker is like a seat belt, it protects the PV system to face extreme situations as well as without hitting surroundings.

The iPV Solar Tracker can be installed rapidly without extensive land grading and concrete curing; 25 years later, the steel piles can be recycled, the value can be preserved and the environment can be protected.

Based on many case studies, combining high-performance iPV Solar Tracker with high-efficiency Big Sun solar panels, the solar power harvesting is able to be maximized up to 50% more than a fixed-tilt PV system. Therefore, the total profit from iPV solar tracking system is much higher than the initial spending.

Topper Sun, a subsidiary of BIG SUN, provides immediate professional maintenance and after-care services. Topper Sun also applies the iPVita monitoring and control system to improve the PV site performance, assure the output of the PV site, and reduce maintenance costs by resolving faults more effectively.

Summer Luo, chairman of BIG SUN Group, emphasizes, “Follow the sun to get the proper power generation system and make the right investment for best profits. More importantly, we should always have good intentions to produce good energy and respect our mother earth.”

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