Solvay’s Hyflon PFA helps develop more energy-efficient heat exchanger

The advanced Hyflonper fluoroalkoxy (PFA) fluoropolymer by Solvay, a leading global supplier of specialty polymers, has helped China-based Beijing Xinshiyi Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Company to develop a more durable and energy-efficient 600 MW MGGH heat exchanger to be used in large coal-fired power plants.

“MGGH heat exchangers use the energy from the exhaust flue gas of coal-fired boilers to reduce emissions and help meet the stricter environmental polices defined by the 13th Five-Year Plan,” said Zhang Fang, commercial director of Beijing Xinshiyi.

“In order to support China’s Plan, we seek industry-leading material suppliers like Solvay to help us develop cutting-edge heat-exchangers that offer improved performance and reliability. Hyflon PFA’s proven record in heat exchanger applications made it an excellent choice for our latest system design, and its success at Guodian Beilun proves we made a wise choice.”

A semi-crystalline, fully-fluorinated melt-processable fluoropolymer, Hyflon PFA was extruded to form the heat exchanger tubes that were then assembled into the modules comprising Beijing Xinshiyi’s system.

The application signals the first use within China of Solvay’s Hyflon PFA in a large-scale 600 MW MGGH heat exchanger. The new system has already demonstrated improved heat recovery, higher energy savings and reduced emissions since its installation three months ago at Guodian Beilun Power Station located in Zhejiang province, China.

Solvay’s Hyflon PFA offers a higher temperature rating and broader chemical resistance than competitive solutions, which makes it highly suitable to withstand the extreme heat and harsh chemical environments within industrial-scale heat exchangers. These properties have enabled Hyflon PFA to demonstrate nearly three decades of proven performance in heat exchanger applications in more than 30 coal-fired power plants in Europe and China.

The material’s outstanding thermal stability and its resistance to corrosion and chemicals have supported operating lifetimes of over 20 years.

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