Sonatrach/Total utilising Spheripol tech for Algerian plant

Sonatrach/Total utilising Spheripol tech for Algerian plant

Sonatrach Total Entreprise Polymeres Spa (STEP) has chosen LyondellBasell Industries’s Spheripol technology for a 550,000 tonnnes/year PP unit, which will be constructed in Arzew, Oran province, Algeria. STEP is a joint venture between Sonatrach and Total.

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LyondellBasell stated that Spheripol technology enables customers to diversify and enhance their PP product portfolio with outstanding monomer efficiency. Spheripol is a leading PP process technology with more than 25 million tonnes of licensed capacity. The latest fifth generation Spheripol technology includes process improvements, which maximizes operational efficiency.

The plant will start operations using Avant ZN (Advanced Ziegler-Natta) catalyst, which includes non-phthalate, metallocene and chromium catalysts for the full range of polyolefin production.

Notably, new licensees may take advantage of LyondellBasell’s in-house expertise of continuous production improvement. They can leverage the company’s sustainable product development and catalyst knowhow by the joining Technical Service program, which is optional.

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