Technip invests in cleantech fund

Technip invests in cleantech fund

Technology firm Technip Energies says it has invested in Evok Innovation’s Fund II, a tier-one cleantech fund that invests in and supports hard-tech development to accelerate the path toward net zero with a focus on next-generation sectors such as low carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and removal, electrification and critical minerals.

This investment makes Technip Energies the first strategic partner with Engineering Procurement and Construction capabilities within Evok’s investors ecosystem.

As a leading venture capital firm investing in early-stage technologies for hard-to-decarbonize sectors, Evok focuses on expediting the advancement of critical energy-transition technologies. Bringing together a group of proven technologists, company builders and climate investors, the fund supports start-ups by providing them with the necessary resources, networks, and expertise to scale their operations and achieve maturity.

Evok’s investment sectors encompass carbon capture, use and storage, clean fuels, electrification, and industrial decarbonisation, areas that closely align with Technip Energies’ markets.

Beyond generating outsized returns for its shareholders, the investment connects Technip Energies with a network of emerging hard-tech players and merges its engineering expertise and global project delivery know-how with the ecosystem’s visionary approach. It demonstrates Technip Energies’ commitment to creating an affordable, sustainable and reliable energy future.