Tokuyama/Formosa Plastics in IPA jv in Taiwan

Tokuyama/Formosa Plastics in IPA jv in Taiwan

Tokuyama Corporation has established a joint venture in Taiwan with Formosa Plastics Corporation for the purpose of manufacturing and selling high-purity isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for the electronics industry. The companies have invested US$34.16 million of capital into the new venture, which is expected to produce 30,000 tonnes/year of high-purity IPA, made from propylene supplied by Formosa. The IPA will be used as a cleaning solution by the electronics industry.

The JV will be called Formosa Tokuyama Advanced Chemicals Co., Ltd., and will be headquartered in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

The plant for the joint venture is to be on a 1.6 ha plot in Kaohsiung, with construction scheduled to be completed by September next year and production beginning by December.

Tokuyama says due to the advances made in 5G, IoT, AI and other technologies, the semiconductor market is expected to continue expanding over the medium to long term, and the demand for high-purity IPA is forecasted to gradually increase. In addition, with the progress being made in the miniaturisation of semiconductor devices, customer demands for higher quality and stable supply are ever increasing.

Manufactured by a unique, direct hydration method and featuring low concentrations of impurities, Tokuyama high-purity IPA is a cleaning solution used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, and the company has been seeking higher purity to meet customer needs.

With the establishment of this joint venture, the company will build an integrated production system from propylene as a raw material in Taiwan and, to further expand its high-purity IPA business, establish a production and supply system that immediately responds to the needs of its customers in Taiwan.

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