Wind turbines provided 98% of Scotland’s electricity in October 2018

Turbines generated the equivalent of 98% of Scotland’s electricity demand last month, enough to power up to five million homes.

The National Grid demand for the entire month was 1,850,512 MWh, while wind turbines across Scotland generated approximately 1,820,950 MWh.

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The data comes from Weather Energy, part of the European EnergizAIR project.s

The best day for energy production during the month was the 23rd of October, where 105,900.94 MWh was generated.

Conversely, the worst day for wind generation in October was the 18th, which saw 18,377.71 MWh

Despite these figures, wind turbines still powered over 60% of households across Scotland.

Dr. Sam Gardner, acting director at WWF Scotland, said, “These figures clearly show wind is working, it’s helping reduce our emissions and is the lowest cost form of new power generation.”

Currently, offshore power accounts for just 0.3% of output.

“A recent survey also shows more and more people support turbines in rural areas,” Dr. Gardner added.

“That’s why it’s essential that the UK Government unlocks market access for onshore wind at a time when we need to be scaling up electrification of heat and transport.”

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