3DOM enters Singapore market to provide battery energy systems

3DOM enters Singapore market to provide battery energy systems

Japan-based smart energy solutions provider, 3DOM, has entered the Singapore market, where it has established its Southeast Asia (SEA) regional office, overseeing the fundraising and business development activities of the organisation outside of Japan, with a sharp focus on reliable battery energy storage systems (BESS).

SEA is home to some 670 million people, and its electricity demand is expected to increase from 47 gigawatts (GW) in 2020 to 130 GW in 2030, much of which is expected to be renewables.

Although SEA’s recent growth in electricity demand has been at an average of 6% per year — among the fastest in the world — grids remain unstable in many nations, providing ample room for 3DOM’s safer, more reliable and more sustainable BESS products to assist in the development of best practices in energy consumption in the region.

3DOM specialises in the creation of advanced separators and next-generation batteries for electric vehicles, marine vessels, renewable energy, drones and other fields. Entering SEA to extend and enhance its services, primarily utility energy storage systems (ESS), to developing nations in the region, the group will be offering two different options, on-grid BESS, and off-grid BESS. The former will be widely deployed at large power grids, enabling better grid stability, reactive power, frequency balancing and spinning reserve with immediate deployment capability.

Off-grid systems, on the other hand, are stand-alone systems that take advantage of a combination of energy management techniques and technologies to generate reliable power and reduce overall costs, leading to a more convenient way to store energy for facilities that do not have access to the main grid.

Both systems will be powered by 3DOM’s lithium rechargeable battery technology, in which the stable homogeneous three-dimensional pore structure of its proprietary separator reduces the precipitation of lithium dendrites, a major cause of battery inefficiency. This ensures uniform energy distribution, excellent heat resistance, large energy capacity and an increased life cycle while preventing short circuits, overheating and explosions.

“We see huge potential in the energy sector here in Southeast Asia with many countries now looking to increase the clean energy in their energy mix. At 3DOM, our mission has always been to disrupt the energy landscape across industries through our carefully researched and versatile battery technology. While we see clean energy as the future, the transition process is much more complex with a mix of energies requiring equally complex solutions. As we expand further, we hope to collaborate with other experienced players in this industry to help formulate those solutions for a better future,” says Andrew Khine, CEO of 3DOM Singapore.

Marking its entry into the SEA market, 3DOM has also inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Conny One and Greentech International, who will both be engaged for the design and development of the BESS, as well as the installation and commissioning of the BESS at their respective sites.

While the adoption of renewable energy is the future of energy production and consumption, it is important to allow developing nations to transition into 100% renewable energy production at a safe and realistic pace. With its entry into SEA, 3DOM hopes to provide solutions and alternatives to inefficient energy consumption practices in the region, while introducing safer and more sustainable alternatives through its highly efficient and advanced battery technology. Additionally, 3DOM looks to further expand its BESS solutions to smart grids in the near future.

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