Amut offers solar lines for EVA foils in PV cells

Italian extrusion machinery specialist Amut offers its solar lines for producing Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) foils. EVA is a type of material produced with AMUT’s extrusion foil line and it is especially reserved for the production of solar-photovoltaic panels. The EVA foil protects the photovoltaic (PV) cell, encapsulating and wrapping the silicon cells, and enables a perfect sealing and a high adherence with the outer glass sheet and with the back-sheet (lower layer). The foil produced has a width from 1,050 mm up to 2,100 mm, with a thickness range from 0,3 to 0,8 mm.

All units of the line are purposely designed for this application and to not compromise the foil dimensional stability, according to the Novara-based firm’s press release.

The gravimetric dosing and extrusion/die units can process both liquid and solid additives thus assuring an optimal melting of the polymers in order to give the foil the necessary resistance to UV rays and avoid the yellowing effect (it causes a lack of efficiency in the energy production). There is not cross-linking during extrusion process.

The calender has 3 rolls with special surface treatment to handle EVA material and to avoid the stickiness of the foil on the rolls. The calender, equipped with independent drives, has a further special stabilisation unit system. The cooling phase must be progressive to reduce the tension at minimum level.

A sophisticated thermoregulation system is essential, for both extrusion and cooling processes.

The innovative winding system can wind-up, directly in-line, the foil in reels or permit to laminate in-line a separating film sheet (mask film) or a silicone paper foil to protect EVA foil completely. There is also the possibility to emboss on one sheet side allowing the adherence with the glass sheet during the solar cells manufacturing.
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