Dow to invest in carbonate solvents/ethylene derivatives facility in US


US materials firm Dow says it intends to invest in ethylene derivatives capacity on the US Gulf Coast, including the production of carbonate solvents, critical components to the supply chain of lithium-ion batteries. This investment supports growth in domestic electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage markets and builds on Dow’s successful track record of growth projects, including the recent global alkoxylation capacity expansions expected to come online in the next two years in US Gulf Coast and Europe.

Dow is collaborating with the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) and was selected for award negotiations to establish a world-scale carbonate solvents production facility for lithium-ion battery production on the US Gulf Coast. The project is supported by agreements with customers, including leading EV original equipment manufacturers and electrolyte manufacturers.

This facility will capture more than 90% of the carbon dioxide from the ethylene oxide manufacturing process and will utilise it to produce carbonate solvents needed for the electrification of vehicles and to strengthen the US power grid through energy storage. This investment is in line with Dow and the US government’s goals to enable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the mobility and transportation sector by investing in supply chain resiliency for domestic battery and EV manufacturing.

“This announcement is an exciting proof point of Dow’s Decarbonize & Grow strategy, paired with our MobilityScience capabilities and commitment to a sustainable future for the automotive industry,” said Brendy Lange, Dow Industrial Solutions business vice president. “The support from the DOE is a critical enabler of this project, localizing the supply of low-carbon value-added products to help enable the clean energy transition while advancing the decarbonisation of our own operations.”

Carbonate solvents are an important component of the electrolyte inside lithium-ion batteries, which help to enhance battery performance and longevity, enabling the advancement and adoption of electric vehicle technology. They will expand Dow’s high-performing MobilityScience portfolio to address Mobility industry challenges like decarbonisation and improving EV performance.

As part of this investment, Dow is committed to enhancing its community in parallel. Dow will collaborate with new and existing partners in growing diverse suppliers, workforce development and education, economic development, and local and state government to address infrastructure needs.