Jera/ReNew to develop green ammonia project in India

Jera/ReNew to develop green ammonia project in India

Japan’s Jera Co Inc says that it has concluded an agreement with ReNew E-Fuels Private Limited, a subsidiary of clean energy company ReNew Energy Global, to jointly develop a green ammonia production project.

Under the agreement, Jera and ReNew will study the following:
• Jointly develop a project from basic design through detailed design for the production of ammonia in Paradip in the state of Odisha in eastern India, using ~500 MW of high capacity utilization factor (CUF) renewable energy, and to use this green hydrogen as a raw material to produce approximately 100,000 tonnes/year of green ammonia.
• Supply green ammonia produced from the project to Japan approximately 100,000 tonnes/year with Jera.

The government of India has launched various schemes to support the green hydrogen and ammonia ecosystem under its National Green Hydrogen Mission. India has a high potential for renewable energy and is poised to become a base for green hydrogen and ammonia production in Asia.

The government of Japan also has announced schemes for accelerating transition to clean energy.

Jera has built a good relationship with ReNew since 2017. ReNew is studying the development of green fuel projects globally. This project will leverage ReNew’s proven capabilities in renewable energy development.

In this project, Jera will accelerate the development of renewable energy, which is essential for the production of green hydrogen and ammonia, through Jera Nex, which is a newly formed renewable energy business company, established by Jera.

Jera says it will continue to work with leading companies in Japan and overseas to establish and expand hydrogen and ammonia supply chains, thereby contributing to global decarbonisation and to solving energy issues, particularly in Asia.

Yukio Kani, Global CEO/Chair of Jera said, “Since 2017, Jera has maintained a strong partnership with ReNew, and we are pleased to expand this collaboration to the next level: the first green hydrogen and ammonia development project for Jera. This joint development agreement represents a significant milestone and an exciting advancement moving us one step closer to realising decarbonised society, with a focus on the sustainability, affordability, and stability of future energy.”