Lummus to supply ethylene heaters in SEPC plant expansion in Saudi Arabia


Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, announced an award from Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company (SEPC), a joint venture of Tasnee Sahara Olefins Company (TSOC), for the design and supply of two Short Residence Time (SRT) ethylene heaters at the company’s complex in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

“The SRT pyrolysis heater design continues to be the most selected ethylene furnace around the world,” said Leon de Bruyn, President/CEO of Lummus Technology. “Working closely with our customers, we optimise our technology solutions to be fit-for-purpose in their facilities, to increase product yields, enhance operational reliability and optimize energy.”

A customer since 2005, SEPC selected Lummus for a cracker expansion project that will increase ethylene production while improving the plant’s energy efficiency and minimising emissions.

Lummus has supplied heat transfer equipment and systems to the process and power industries for more than 75 years. Specialising in heat transfer solutions and systems for critical process environments, Lummus has produced industry-leading technology for fired heaters, including the Short Residence Time (SRT) pyrolysis furnace, and heat exchangers, including the Helixchanger heat exchanger and Lablex and Polaris Lummus advanced breech-lock exchanger.