Nouryon expands product line for catalyst industry

Nouryon expands product line for catalyst industry

Chemical firm Nouryon has expanded the Levasil colloidal silica product line with two new products for the next generation of catalysts. The products have been developed to address the industry’s need for high purity and consistent quality in order to be able to produce more efficient catalysts that improve yield and performance.

“Our main customers are producers of catalysts and zeolites used in, for example, oil refineries where feedstocks are becoming more challenging and more effective catalysts are needed. This is where our high-purity products have a role to play to improve the productivity and to extend the lifetime of the catalyst,” said Patrick Wilhelm, Vice President of Colloidal Silica at Nouryon.

Efficient use of resources are critical concerns for the world today. The catalyst industry plays an important role in society to meet these challenges by, for instance, reducing emissions in diesel engines and power plants, as well as contributing to more efficient chemical production.

“Driven by our commitment to sustainability, we are continuously focused on growing our portfolio of sustainable solutions. Our newest innovation allows our customers to produce even more powerful catalysts for emission control, chemical production and oil refining, which makes it possible to do more while using less,” said Johan Landfors, President of Technology Solutions at Nouryon.

Levasil CA421 PNH and Levasil CA321 PNH are the latest in a series of products from Nouryon for the catalyst industry.

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