Nynas opens adhesive lab in Sweden

Swedish firm Nynas recently opened an adhesive lab located at the company’s Technology Centre in Nynäshamn, Sweden. The speciality oil company said it built the lab to work closer with its clients to meet their individual needs.

“We see a lot of value in testing and developing products together with our customers, and the new adhesive lab allows us to take this to the next step,” says Marika Rangstedt, Manager, Technical Development and Market Support, Nynas. “It will enable us to better control testing and deliver results quicker than we have before.”

Aside from better customer care, the new facility will also expand the company’s knowledge in adhesives says Dr. Peter Kaali, Technical Coordinator, Chemical Industry applications at Nynas.


“This will give us a much greater understanding of adhesives, so that we can grow into specialists in the field,” adds Dr. Kaali. “In designing the lab, we have also ensured we get the greatest value and versatility from our resources, which means that even though the lab is set for adhesives, it is not limited to that and we are capable of formulating and testing other polymer compounds as well, such as thermoplastic elastomers.”

The new laboratory has the following testing instruments

–    Polymer laboratory mixer

–    Hot-melt coater/laminator

–    Tensile testing instrument

–    Rolling ball tack tester

–     UV chamber equipped with UVA and UVC light tubes

–      Digital hardness tester

–      Rheometer

–      Series of specimen cutters and die cutters

 In time, Nynas says it will further invest in expanding its polymer compounding and testing capacities.

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