Additive for waterproofing membranes in China

Additive for waterproofing membranes in China

Chemical firm Nouryon has launched an additive that helps customers comply with the latest performance standards in China for one-component cement waterproofing membranes. Elotex FX2325 is a redispersible polymer powder (RPP) that meets the requirement that membranes bridge cracks in concrete substrates used under ceramic tiles. It is also formaldehyde free, making it compliant with more stringent emissions standards.

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The introduction of Elotex FX2325 corresponds with China’s increased focus on developing more environmentally-friendly buildings to improve the population’s standard of living and well-being amid the growing urbanization trend.

“We are the first company to introduce an RPP grade for this specific application in China,” said Sumitro Wijaya, Business Manager Asia Pacific at Nouryon. “In addition to being formaldehyde-free, it boasts a number of other advantages including improved mortar flow and workability.”

One-component formulations offer additional benefits, including the elimination of mixing errors, lower transport costs, reduced waste from plastic packaging, and faster completion time at the job site, Wijaya added.

Egbert Henstra, Managing Director Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives at Nouryon added: “This is a great example of how Nouryon innovates to meet the changing requirements of our customers. We are proud that our new grade of RPP is not only a step forward for our customers in terms of performance, but also in sustainability.”

Nouryon introduced the new Elotex grade at the China Coatings Show in Shanghai recently. The company also expanded its offering to the buildings and construction market with Elotex HD2040, an additive that will help customers producing dry-mix mortars to meet the latest building standards, as well as Bermocoll EBM 3000, an ingredient that optimizes the performance of water-based multicolor paints used on building facades.

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