Trelleborg’s Frame radar absorbing material for wind turbines

Trelleborg’s Frame radar absorbing material for wind turbines

Sweden’s Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will launch Frame, a new radar absorbing material for wind turbines, blade and nacelles, at WindEurope Offshore to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Frame is an innovative radar absorbing material that mitigates wind turbine radar interference problems, unlocking gigawatts of new potential wind farm sites. The lightweight nano-composite polymer solution is available from 1 to12 GHz with an absorption bandwidth of 0.2 GHz, providing solutions for all radar types from L to X-band.

Terry Cooper, Managing Director at Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation, states: “Wind turbines can cause radar interference, showing up on radar operator’s screens as clutter, obscuring the display and resulting in lost aircraft tracking. The Frame range has been developed to functionalise blade resins and fibreglass systems to enable integrated radar absorption.”

He added, “In many instances, wind farm sites are refused planning permission close to electromagnetic wave based surrounding infrastructures, such as airports. As Frame creates a truly robust stealth blade, this issue is avoided.”

WindEurope Offshore is Europe’s flagship offshore wind event and will gather over 9,000 participants to drill down on the practical challenges of putting offshore at the core of our energy mix.

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