BASF launches additive for higher propylene yield

BASF launches additive for higher propylene yield

German chemicals firm BASF has launched a new fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) additive, which is optimised to deliver higher propylene yields for refiners. The commercial launch of Zeal, the new FCC additive is designed to enhance the production of light olefins in FCC units that process resin or gasoil feedstocks, it added.

Zeal is the latest product development that will enable refiners to quickly respond to the increasing shift to petrochemical feedstocks. Commercial trials have confirmed its ability to deliver high propylene selectivity and yields. This innovative technology from BASF enhances performance through the higher content of zeolitic active sites in a new propylene FCC additive. Successful applications have demonstrated Zeal’s ability to provide operating flexibility as refiners increasingly shift toward a crude-to-chemicals configuration in the future.

“The introduction of Zeal shows that we continuously innovate and introduce new products that address refineries’ needs. We are confident that the benefits of this new product will bring our customers improvements in propylene yields, potentially contributing to the refineries’ profitability,” said Detlef Ruff, senior vice president, process catalysts, BASF.

“The refining market, and our customers, increasingly focus on the need to support conversion of crude to chemicals,” said Jim Chirumbole, vice president, refining catalysts at BASF. “Zeal delivers high propylene yields to help our customers make more for the market.”

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