Cummins forms global power testing partnership with Crestchic

Following a highly successful installation of four resistive-reactive load banks at global power leader Cummins’ manufacturing plant in Fridley, Minnesota, Crestchic has been awarded preferred status to partner in testing its products across the globe.

Cummins designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel engines and related technology around the world. It initially approached leading load bank manufacturer, Crestchic in March 2013 to design a bespoke 3.0 MVA load bank for an integrated test cell project.

This autumn saw the installation four of the new load banks, with a combined capacity of 6400kVa, which will operate seamlessly with a Crestchic-designed automatic step-down transformer package. The load bank test cell has the capacity for testing 190V 50/60 Hz up to 14,000 50/60 Hz.

The large voltage range will be selected and adapted automatically via Cummins’ PLC-based controls which means there is no requirement for human contact while reconfiguring voltages and capturing performance data. This will be accomplished with Crestchic’s sophisticated software and hardware engineering integration with Cummins’ own control and monitoring architecture.

Crestchic is one of the world’s leading specialist manufacturers of load banks which are used in the testing of power supplies in the most demanding climatic and environmental conditions across seven continents.

John Dutch, US Sales Manager at Crestchic, added: “This multi-million dollar order demonstrates Cummins’ trust in Crestchic’s approach, technical capability and pedigree in load testing solutions. We are extremely proud to be working with such a well-respected organisation in the power generation sector.”

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