David Attenborough latest supporter of Apollo-style clean energy project

Renowned naturalist David Attenborough is the latest supporter of an Apollo-style research programme to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels.

Attenborough joins a group of eminent scientists, business executives and politicians backing a 10-year public research and development plan to cut the costs of clean energy and deliver affordable technologies to store and transport solar and wind power.

“I have been lucky enough to spend my life exploring the world’s oceans, forests and deserts. But the Earth, with its spectacular variety of creatures and landscapes, is now in danger,” said Attenborough. “Just one thing, however, would be enough to halt climate change. If clean energy became cheaper than coal, gas or oil, fossil fuel would simply stay in the ground.”


The Global Apollo Program’s aim is to accelerate the decarbonisation of the world economy through more rapid technical progress, achieved through an internationally-coordinated program of research and development over a 10-year period, said Global Apollo’s website.

In a letter signed by the supporters, it says that “the plan requires leading governments to invest a total of US$15 billion a year in research, development and demonstration of clean energy. That compares to the US$100 billion currently invested in defence R&D globally each year. Public investment now will save governments huge sums in the future.”

The Program will focus on several key areas: generation from renewables, electricity storage, grid management, the electrification of transport, and the use of hydrogen.

The results of all research will be made public but patentable intellectual property will be protected and remain with those who made the discoveries.

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