DSM launches fermentation solution to improve ethanol production

Dutch chemicals firm DSM has introduced eBOOST, a complete solution for ethanol producers seeking higher yield and significantly reduced glycerol production in starch conversion processes.

To establish the comprehensive viability of this solution, DSM says it undertook several full-scale application trials. The trials demonstrated that the solution enables a step change in performance for the ethanol market, increasing ethanol yields up to 6% and reducing glycerol formation more effectively than other industry-standard yeast products. This performance was demonstrated during continuous use over extensive periods, resulting in clear benefits to plant owners and managers looking to improve their plant economics and reduce energy consumption to make them more competitive and profitable.

One such trial took place with Corn Plus, an ethanol plant located in Minnesota, US, that is owned and supported by more than 600 local shareholders.

“In working with DSM, we saw a near 50% reduction in glycerol production – this is very significant,” said Mike Jerke, Corn Plus General Manager. “Beyond that, DSM provided a high level of attention to the technical side with people on site to guide us through the process. Having a vendor who is willing to deploy resources in this way is a good thing.”

Available in dry and cream forms, eBoost is tailored to provide ethanol producers with an easy-to-use solution that will optimise their ethanol production and improve their profitability. The solution is manufactured and commercially available in the US.

“DSM is committed to delivering unique and differentiating technologies and solutions that enable the biofuel industry to optimize its processes and maximise its yields and profits in a sustainable way,” said Atul Thakrar, President of DSM Bio-based Products & Services. “eBOOST is the newest example of our efforts to bring customers the latest in yeast technology, allowing them to deliver the best fermentation results and helping to advance the entire biofuels industry.”

DSM says it continues to invest in the biofuel industry and has a dedicated team working on the development and commercialisation of products and services for the industry. Global research facilities exist for the business in Illinois, US, and in Delft, the Netherlands.

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