Expect cheaper gas as oil prices continue falling, Singaporeans told

SINGAPORE – With oil prices falling, households can continue to expect lower gas bills from May 1 to Jul 31.

The gas tariff for households will decrease by 1.40 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) — from 19.02 cents per kWh to 17.62 cents per kWh for the next three months, City Gas said on Monday (Apr 27). “This is due to a drop in fuel costs compared with the previous quarter,” it added.

Between February and April, the gas tariff for households decreased by 1.81 cents per kWh — from 20.83 cents per kWh to 19.02 cents per kWh.

Gas prices are reviewed by City Gas based on guidelines set by the Energy Market Authority, the gas industry regulator. – Channel News Asia