ExxonMobil launches pressure hyper compressor lubricant

ExxonMobil launches pressure hyper compressor lubricant

At the recently held K2019 show in Germany, US chemicals firm ExxonMobil launched the Mobil Rarus PE KPL series of oils, which are specifically formulated for use in hyper compressors for LDPE production.

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 The lubricants were developed based on the field experience of Burckhardt Compression, worldwide market leader for reciprocating compressor systems, to create new product technologies specifically for hyper compressor systems.

The production process for the manufacture of low density polyethylene (LDPE) requires extreme pressures of between 2,500-3,100 bar and process temperatures in the reactor of 150-310°C. These severe conditions are extremely demanding for conventional lubricants.

“Imagine an elephant standing on your fingertip – that’s the type of extreme pressure that a hyper compressor lubricant must withstand,” said Sarp Degirmenci, offer advisor at ExxonMobil.

Mobil Rarus PE KPL lubricants have been scientifically engineered to protect equipment under these extremes. The lubricants’ high purity additive package prevents the early polymerisation of reactive gas components and impurities inside the compressor, which can lead to sludge formation and lubricant failure.

The oils are also suitable for the manufacture of food and pharmaceutical packaging thanks to their BHT-free formulation, which enables production of food-grade BHT-free LDPE.

“Knowing that a shutdown of the LDPE plant can cost up to US$1 million a day in lost production means operators need a lubricant partner they can rely on,” adds Sarp Degirmenci. We are proud to launch this new lubricant series that can protect and enhance machinery even under the most extreme conditions.”