Gulf Petrochem commissions first phase of Indian liquid cargo storage

Gulf Petrochem Group, a leading player in the global oil industry has commissioned the first phase of its liquid cargo storage terminal with an annual capacity of 250,000 kilo litres (KL) at Pipavav Port in Gujarat, thus easing supply and availability of petroleum, non petroleum and petrochemical cargo in the northern part of India.

The first phase of the terminal has a capacity of 1,10,000 kilo litres and the second phase with a capacity of 1,40,000 kilo litres will be commissioned by mid-March 2015.

“The location of our terminal offers a strategic and logistical advantage to our customers in the North Western markets. This project stands as a stepping stone for the terminal storage sector within the Indian market, further consolidating our plans for India and also our future investments, further strengthening Gulf Petrochem’s position as a leading player in the global oil space,” said Gulf Petrochem Director Manan Goel.

Gulf Petrochem’s oil terminal in Pipavav port is a modern asset with state of the art facilities adhering to all international and Indian safety guidelines. The company has already started receiving confirmed interests from major oil companies for tank hiring.

The terminal has a total of 46 tanks of different capacities which befits different product requirements for all classes of petroleum products, chemicals, petro chemicals, vegetable oil, lube base oil, fuel oil and bitumen. It has also an exclusive oil berth with a draft of 12 metres for handling medium range vessels that carry up to 40,000 tonnes of cargo. The terminal’s bitumen lines are fully heat traced as they are installed with two MKCal/hr boilers for heating products like bitumen/fuel oil and maintaining the desired product temperature.

The terminal also benefits from having excellent hinterland connectivity by road and rail. There are independent multiple bay gantries for truck loading and full rake rail siding for handling multiple products.

Gulf Petrochem Group is a leading player in the oil industry, specializing in oil trading and bunkering, oil refining, grease manufacturing, oil storage terminals, bitumen manufacturing, and shipping and logistics.

Headquartered in United Arab Emirates and having a presence in South Asia, the Far East Asia, Africa and Europe, Gulf Petrochem has emerged as one of the well-established manufacturers and traders of petroleum products in major parts of the world.

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