Iran to build dozens of small hydro plants in Indonesia through 2020

The Iranian government has finalized a deal to develop 48 small hydropower plants in Indonesia within the next five years.

The agreement, signed by Indonesian Economics Affairs Coordinating Minister Sofyan Djalil and Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian this week, is reflective of other recent efforts between the countries to strengthen their economic ties.

The hydroelectric projects will range in capacities between 1 MW and 10 MW.

“Iranian power plant companies, whose technical capabilities are internationally competitive, could help Indonesia in building power plants,” Chitchian said. “Currently, 11.7 GW of hydroelectricity is distributed on the national grid, which indicates the capabilities necessary for cooperation with the Indonesian government.” reported this past July that Indonesia is particularly appealing for small hydropower investments due to a recently revised feed-in tariff system and the country’s desire to cultivate its renewable sector. –

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