Komax Technology to aid in natural gas recovery

CALIFORNIA – Natural gas is easily one of the best fuels available today. It offers a clean, efficient burn few other fuels can match. Better recovery methods, though, are a must, and Komax is working to help companies do just that.

The Potential for More

For many companies, the ability to reduce facilities costs and increase project execution speeds could mean a real shift in business, and Komax Systems is working on the enabling technology. They will be attending the NGL Recovery Optimization & Cryoplant Facilities Design Conference February 17-18, 2015 in Houston, TX to connect with companies trying to make the most of natural gas recovery, but they’re also developing new applications for both their static mixers and heat exchangers to help.

“Increasing natural gas recovery efficiencies is fundamental on almost every level, but so is finding solutions that work to lower operating expenditures. We’re able to do both, offering real features and benefits that mean better performance with the right bottom line,” said Nolan Smith/Sr. Applications Specialist.

Natural gas processing plants vary greatly in size and complexity, and often that makes developing the right technology for them difficult. Komax Systems, though, has long developed a line that works in a number of different, very diverse industries, giving them the edge when it comes to evolving uses for their products.

“All of our products use the best materials for construction.  What’s more, though, is that they’re built to last. With the industry’s highest efficiency ratings and easy installation, they’re the single best investment companies can make for recovery efforts,” said Sameer Kshirsagar/Sr. Applications Specialist.

Optimized recovery efforts demand expertise, experience, and the right equipment, and Komax Systems clearly has the knowledge and systems to help many companies do just that.

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