US patent update for OSMR® Technology

PERTH – The Directors of Liquefied Natural Gas Limited are pleased to provide an update to an announcement on 16 January 2015 on United States Patent and Trademark Office patent application relating to the Company’s core LNG processing design.

The Company has now completed the process for the patent to be issued by the USPTO and has been advised that it should be issued in April 2015. The Patent will protect the Company’s primary invention being a Method and System for Production of Liquid Natural Gas (“OSMR® process”).

OSMR® is an innovative, simple, low cost, highly efficient, environmentally friendly, robust and low risk technology. The simplicity of OSMR® technology results in a reliable LNG plant that is relatively simple to design, construct, operate and maintain.

The required plot space is less than that needed for traditional LNG plants and the execution strategy, using standard equipment and modular construction, reduces the construction schedule. Company Chief Technical Officer, Paul Bridgwood, the originator of the OSMR® (Optimized Single Mixed Refrigerant) natural gas liquefaction process, said that the OSMR® technology is based on a proven simple single mixed refrigerant system, with the addition of conventional combined heat and power recovery, coupled with ammonia refrigeration technology to significantly enhance the plant performance in terms of LNG output and overall plant efficiency.

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