Linde to pump US$100 mn to build nitrogen plant in South Korea

Linde to pump US$100 mn to build nitrogen plant in South Korea

Industrial gases firm Linde says that it will expand the capacity of its on-site facility in Tangjeong, South Korea, to increase its supply of high-purity industrial gases to Samsung Display.

The increased capacity supports Samsung Display’s planned multi-billion-dollar investment to convert its existing LCD production line to OLED, in response to global market demand. OLEDs are used in a variety of products including smartphones, virtual reality headsets and laptops.

Linde will build, own and operate a Spectra plant to produce more than 2,000 tonnes/day of high-purity nitrogen. The nitrogen will be used for cooling and purging applications in Samsung Display’s manufacturing process.

The new plant will expand Linde’s existing complex at Tangjeong, which already supplies industrial gases to Samsung Display and currently comprises four air separation units, plus associated pipeline network and infrastructure. In addition to supplying Samsung Display, the plant will supply the local merchant market, plus crude rare gases to Linde’s new purification facility in nearby Hyungok.

Linde’s investment is expected to be approximately US$100 million, and the new plant is planned to start up towards the end of 2024.

“We have safely and reliably supplied nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium and other gases to Samsung Display for 20 years and are proud to have been chosen to support this important new investment,” said B.S. Sung, General Manager South Korea, Linde. “In addition to supplying a major electronics customer, our new capacity in Tangjeong will further increase Linde’s network density in the region, enhancing our ability to meet demand for industrial gases from the growing electronics market in South Korea.”