Lund University designs futuristic electric car

Uniti is a prototype electric city car that provides a “more futuristic and less destructive driving experience,” according to Uniti co-founder Lewis Horne.

An intensive study is underway at Lund University to determine the most efficient vehicle configuration, production methods and materials. This in-depth analysis is intended to challenge all assumptions currently restricting city mobility.

The prototype under development at Lund University’s ‘ProLab’ is a 15kW electric city car designed for high performance in an urban environment, that is vastly more sustainable not just in terms of energy source, but also of the product itself throughout its life cycle.

Uniti will be a two seater vehicle, with one seat behind the other. The materials used, such as hemp and flax fibre biocomposites, will maintain a premium feeling with an organic nature.

The open design and development process for Uniti is unconventional. Instead of starting with the accepted configuration of cars and building from there, the team has opted for a new beginning. This has resulted in a very progressive design, matching contemporary user interaction and the expectations of modern technology enthusiasts.

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