Meghmani commercialises Indian hydrogen peroxide plant

Meghmani commercialises Indian hydrogen peroxide plant

Meghmani Finechem, the subsidiary of Meghmani Organics, has completed installation of an integrated hydrogen peroxide plant at its existing Chloralkali and Derivative Complex at Dahej and has started commercial production with a capacity of 60,000 tonnes/year. The project will utilise hydrogen gas from its own integrated chloralkali complex.

The present production capacity of the country is not adequate to meet the domestic requirement and balance supply gap is being fulfilled from imports.

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This plant will cater various industries like textile bleaching, paper & pulp bleaching, water and effluent treatment, non-edible oil refining, chemical synthesis, sugar bleaching and metallurgy industry.

In addition, the company will also focus on other industries such as organic peroxides, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The company adds that it will take its hydrogen peroxide business to a significantly higher level within these fast growing markets and consolidate its position as one of the largest Chloralkali and Derivative Complex in India.

Earlier, it also commenced commercial production of additional of 1.2 million tonnes/year caustic soda plant along with captive power plant of 36 MW in Dahej, Gujarat.

With this additional caustic soda, the company will reach to 2.9 million tonnes/year and captive power plant to 96MW. This will significantly contribute to reduce the country’s dependence on imports.

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