OGA 2017: The show must go on for OCPI

Offshore-CPI is focused on surviving the current oil and gas market, instead of just margins.

In order to survive the oil price crash for the last two years, OCPI has just restructured the company, changed their focus and is in the middle of establishing new principles. The company is expanding their markets to more general industries, according to OCPI general manager Jurgpaul S. Dhillion.

Since their establishment in 1985, OCPI has been a Malaysian engineering solutions provider, as well as a maintenance and consulting services provider. Not only does the company cover oil and gas industries, they also cover palm oil, chemicals and refineries. Moreover, the company also provides pumps for deep sea diving.

OCPI is currently considering an opportunity to go into Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. As of now, cost is something to consider when expanding business into another country, according to Jurgpaul.

When it comes to their products, OCPI does not outsource any of them. The company provides their own fabrication.

Offshore-CPI provides solutions for the customer’s processors. If the client were to build a factory, the company would also provide processor design services in accordance to a customer’s requested budget.

However, when it comes to the current market, the drop in oil price had caused the company’s fabrication services to decline, resulting in a slowdown in business. As a result, OCPI made a decision to open up their markets, to general industries, so that there would be more business options. “We are trying to not put all our eggs into one basket, this is what Offshore is doing, and our future plan is to go into more general industries and servicing,” he says.

Moreover, the demand for better pricing has always been a step back for the pump product line. “The cake is getting smaller, there are too many players,” he says.

Fortunately, Offshore-CPI’s Haskel pump, which has been selling for more than 15 years, is one of the top choices in the world and was approved by Petronas. OCPI was also the first distributer of the pump in Malaysia. Other big players like Aker and Exxon have purchased the Haskel pumps.

However, business has been coming in for the past five to six months. With many oil and gas companies closing down, Jurgpaul remains hopeful for OCPI to succeed. “We are hoping oil and gas will turn around in the next two years. The show must go on,” he says.