PKN Orlen awards PMC contract to Fluor for olefin complex

PKN Orlen awards PMC contract to Fluor for olefin complex

As part of Poland’s PKN Orlen’s project to extend the olefin complex in Plock, a contract has been signed for technical consultancy and Project Management Contractor (PMC+) services with Fluor, one of the world’s leading providers of engineering & design services.

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The services will involve end-to-end project management across all functional areas – from managing its timescales, costs, contractors and risks, through ensuring work safety, technical support and supervision of technical design standards, to managing procurement and actual execution. The works will engage a fully integrated team, made up of PKN Orlen employees and a PMC+ consultant.

With to the PMC+ collaborative work model, PKN Orlen says it will gain know-how in managing integrated capital projects. The model will also help develop and enhance the company’s in-house capabilities to benefit its further projects. In addition, by effectively employing the industry’s best business practice, it will allow PKN Orlen to strengthen its competitive advantage on the market.

“We have taken another major step towards the key milestone in our plans to develop the petrochemical business, which is the olefin plant extension. Petrochemicals have enormous potential we are determined to make the most of. Our capital projects to develop the petrochemical area will solidify our position on the European market while providing tangible benefits to the Polish economy, turning it from an importer into a net exporter of petrochemicals,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN Orlen Management Board.

He added, “Our contract with Fluor will fully integrate the project management, offering potential synergies and facilitating knowledge flows between PKN Orlen and the contractor.”