Solvay jv inaugurates electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide plant in Taiwan

Solvay jv inaugurates electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide plant in Taiwan

Shinsol Advanced Chemicals, a collaboration between Belgian chemicals firm Solvay and Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corporation, marked a significant milestone with the recent inauguration of its electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide plant in Tainan, Taiwan.

Covering an expansive 2.4 ha, the newly revealed facility features a production capacity of 35,000 tonnes/year of electronic grade high-purity hydrogen peroxide, crafted to meet the stringent global market standards. It primarily serves the semiconductor sector, playing a pivotal role as a vital chemical agent in integrated electronic circuit manufacturing. The plant is scheduled for commissioning in December this year, with full-scale production planned for early next year.

Notable attendees included Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Chairman Wu Tung-Sheng, Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe, Shinsol Chairman Gregory Wu, Solvay President of the Special Chem business An Nuyttens, and Solvay Electronics Business Director Ziad Haddad, among others.

Chairman Gregory Wu of Shinsol expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Through our collaboration with Solvay, a globally recognised leader in hydrogen peroxide production, we are thrilled to embark on this journey to deliver electronic grade hydrogen peroxide that meets the highest international quality standards. Our commitment includes integrating energy conservation and carbon reduction practices at every stage, thereby minimizing the plant’s ecological footprint.”

Ziad Haddad, Business Director for Electronics at Solvay, remarked, “Taiwan, as Asia’s technology hub, represents the ideal location for this new facility, positioning us for significant growth in the electronics sector. This underscores our commitment to supplying the semiconductor and electronics industries with top-notch, eco-friendly solutions, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner.”

An Nuyttens, President of the Special Chem business at Solvay, emphasised the significance of this venture, stating, “This facility plays a central role in strengthening our global position and expanding our product portfolio in the electronics sector, where we are vital suppliers of the finest quality electronic grade hydrogen peroxide, gasses, rare earths, and chemicals for capacitors. It builds upon the extensive experience we have gained from numerous operational Solvay facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and the US. Furthermore, it affirms our dedication to addressing the ever-evolving requisites of the electronics market.”