Solvay to reduce carbon footprint of hydrogen peroxide plant in Finland

Solvay to reduce carbon footprint of hydrogen peroxide plant in Finland

Belgian chemical firm Solvay says it is partnering with transportation providers Kiitosimeon and Adams Logistics to reduce the carbon footprint of its facility in Voikkaa, Finland, by using biofuel instead of diesel, thereby reducing CO2 emissions from sites’ deliveries by 80%.

Known for its high-productivity hydrogen peroxide technology, the site has a yearly capacity of 85 kilotonnes, making it the largest hydrogen peroxide unit in the country and one of the largest in Europe.

However, the transportation of its products results in more than 850 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, attributed to the several thousands deliveries conducted each year.

While the Voikkaa site has been operating on 100% wind-generated electricity since 2023, the journey towards decarbonisation takes another step forward as it transitions transportation fuel from diesel to biofuel in the first quarter of 2024.

This shift will result in a significant annual reduction of over 700 tonnes of CO2 emissions, representing more than 80% reduction in the site’s transportation carbon footprint.

“We are dedicated to making real progress in our climate roadmap. Our partnership with transporters to transition to biofuel for H2O2 shipments in Finland marks a substantial move toward reducing our carbon footprint,” said Carlos Silveira, President of Solvay Peroxides. “As we advance on our path to carbon neutrality, our commitment remains unwavering in promoting sustainability and innovation throughout our operations.”

As part of its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, Solvay has outlined a sustainability roadmap with around 40 energy transition projects. These projects focus on eliminating coal usage, emphasising renewable energy sources, prioritising energy efficiency, and driving process innovation. Solvay has further committed to reduce its emissions along the value chain by 20% by 2030.

Solvay is the worldwide leading producer and supplier in hydrogen peroxide. It serves diverse markets such as food and wastewater treatment, mining, environmental processes and emerging fields like electronics, battery recycling, and urban mining. Operating globally, Solvay Peroxides ensures customers a secure and sustainable supply across EMEA, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.