SunPort adapter lets you use solar without owning panels

SunPort is a small plug adaptor that lets you plug into solar power everywhere you go without the need to own solar panels.

The adaptor is the world’s first smart grid solar delivery device. Instead of making solar energy, SunPort lets you use it by consuming the output of grid connected solar systems. SunPort does this by automatically matching solar credits to the energy you take from the wall. This is the same technology big companies are using for years, the creators said.

Anyone can use solar power by simply by plugging in and helping create demand for more solar production. The adaptor had a successfully funded Kickstater campaign. The company is still taking pre-orders through their website, but SunPort is only available in the US.

Within a single day, one SunPort can employ a whole day’s production from as many as 20 solar panels. Those panels installed as a typical residential rooftop system would cost about US$20,000.

SunPort also has an app (for iOS and Android) that shows how much electricity you’ve upgraded to solar over time, like a fitness tracking app, and you can add multiple SunPorts to your account.



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