Support for coal seam gas

Santos is proud of its involvement in supplying clean, safe and reliable natural gas to the homes and businesses of NSW for the past four decades.  The Narrabri Gas Project will be the next phase of Santos’ plans to continue to be a major supplier of this essential product and as such is a highly strategic asset for NSW and for our shareholders (“Pilliga Forest coal seam gas mining a misstep“,, march 24).

Natural gas from coal seams is part of our way of life. Extracting and processing coal seam gas is neither new, nor an untested process.

Today 30 % of Australia’s east coast gas supply is being met by coal seam gas and over 80 % of the known reserves of natural gas on the eastern seaboard are held in these coal seams. However, less than 5 % of the natural gas used in NSW comes from within its borders and the challenge faced in NSW is how to increase the supply of natural gas. Without developing its own indigenous sources NSW will put at risk the affordable supply to over 1.1 million family members and thousands of people who rely on natural gas today for their employment.

The gas produced from the Narrabri Gas Project will be made available for the NSW market and could supply up to half the state’s gas needs.


That is a reason why our operations are supported by the communities around our projects and by our shareholders.

Russell Stewart, president of the Narrabri and District Chamber of Commerce, when talking about the Narrabri Gas Project, recently said: “For the Wilderness Society to claim that our community is against the project is simply incorrect.”

Furthermore, at our 2014 annual general meeting, 99.22 % of shareholders voted in support of the project. This week an election forum in Narrabri saw a significant number of local residents demonstrate their support for our project, out numbering opponents who also gathered at the event.

Santos is passionate about supplying natural gas to NSW and we will work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure this is done safely and sustainably.

– James Baulderstone Vice President Eastern Australia, Santos

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