Swiss seek equipment for three small hydro plants at 5-MW Fully hydro project

Swiss hydropower operator Alpiq Suisse SA seeks bids to supply electro-mechanical and other equipment for three small hydro plants at the 5-MW Fully hydroelectric project at Fully, Switzerland. Bids are due June 10.

Alpiq owns one hydro plant in France, three in Italy, two in Norway and 35 in Switzerland. Last year, it completed rehabilitation of the 70-MW Navizence hydro project at Chippis, Switzerland. Alpiq also is a partner in the 2,099-MW Cleuson-Dixence hydropower complex.

Alpiq now seeks bids for equipment for three small hydro plants for the Fully development. Commissioned in 1914, the 5-MW Fully plant has been out of service since 2013 due to a technical defect. The company said it seeks electro-mechanical equipment for three small hydro plants, control and monitoring systems, lifting equipment, refrigeration and ventilation equipment, piping and valves. –

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