Trilliant cited by Asia Power & Electricity World for innovation


California-headquartered Trilliant has been selected “Innovative Business of the Year” by the Asia Power & Electricity World 2015. The conference is organised by Singapore-based Terrapinn. The award recognises companies that are dedicated toward the growth of the power, energy and utilities sector in Asia Pacific. Trilliant, a second-time awardee, is recognised for its innovation and dedication that have helped energy providers around the world, including in the Asia Pacific region, deliver the benefits of smart grid and smart cities to their operations, consumers and societies.

Trilliant’s Smart Communications Platform is a broadband mesh with high-bandwidth and low-latency for real distribution automation applications, and high-performing AMI mesh network to enable advanced metering, demand response and future Smart City applications. Trilliant has integrated market-leading technology – broadband mesh, RF mesh AMI, and others – into a common platform. Trilliant’s unified, multi-purpose, multi-technology platform gives utilities and cities the simplicity of one platform with the flexibility of multiple technologies, built with open standards and with broad industry support – providing utilities and cities a low-risk path towards smart grid and smart cities.

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